22 Oct

Your Pet Peeves

We’ve made it to Day 22 of the #Blogtober14 Challenge with The Daily Tay and Helene in Between!  Here’s Mary with today’s post of “Your Pet Peeves.”

1. Grooming on public transit

This includes nail clipping,  flossing,  etc.  How gross is this?  It gets me every time.  Take five more minutes in the bathroom people, do not make our commute your bathroom .

2. Not completing “The Cycle”

“The Cycle” is a term I’ve helpfully coined to remind others that when they, for example,  take the ketchup bottle out of the fridge, they should PUT IT BACK IN THERE when they are done with it.  Once the item in question is back in its home,  “The Cycle” is complete.  If you start a cycle, you are responsible for completing it.  Do NOT leave me hanging.

Your Pet Peeves - Mess of Condiments pickles

3.  Leaving traces

My motto for myself and others is generally, “Leave no trace.”  That means, don’t throw trash on the ground, stinky socks on the floor,  dirty dishes in the living room, hair in the drain,  etc.  I understand that we all have to…Function.  But I don’t want to be dealing with your functioning.  Or its vicious aftermath.  Be aware.  Leave no trace.  It’s really much nicer this way,  I promise.

Your Pet Peeves - Mess of Condiments

4.  Puke Surprise

The cat vomits in the night and you pretend that you’re sleeping and you know if I can’t stand knowing that a puddle of vomit is just hanging out so I will have to get up and deal with it and now that I think about it,  I’m the one with the problem…well, maybe I should be the one to get up and clean it if it can’t wait until morning when, inevitably, I will awaken first and step in it,  okay,  never mind…

5.  Disrespect in the Quiet Zone

This one’s gets me all the time.  Quiet.  Zone.  In other words,  close the mouth and stop with the speaking,  for God’s sake people.  Respect the Quiet Zone.  It is sacred.  It is beautiful.  It is….Silent.  And if you want to blab away on your phone or have a loud conversation,  there is the rest of the train.  Go sit there.  No really, GO AWAY.

Your Pet Peeves - Mess of Condiments Mustard

6.  Multi-tasking

Exiting the train while watching a video on your smart phone,  texting or otherwise not looking where you are going or paying attention to what you are doing.  In other words..  WAKE UP!!!  YOU ARE INTERACTING WITH THE WORLD OUT HERE!

Your Pet Peeves - Mess of Condiments with hot sauce

7. And last but not least…  Crap headphones.

I’m looking at you ipod with your wretched white ear buds,  or any other crap headphones that project a nightmarish tinny mockery of whatever wretched thing you call music and are currently sharing with everyone around you.  I actually hate you.  Moderately priced good quality headphones are not rare.  Do not invade my personal auditory space.

Also,  get off my lawn.

The Daily Tay

6 thoughts on “Your Pet Peeves

  1. My husband has to be a contender for the worst offender of not completing The Cycle and leaving traces behind. Dude! It’s not effing hard… open it, close it. Get it out, put it away. Wipe up the damn mess you made! Drives me bat shit crazy!

    • Hah, I completely understand, Myla! I live with a couple roommates and my boyfriend, and it’s always challenging to get them to respect the cycle! I used to call it “leaving a slime trail” but it wasn’t very effective. The negative reinforcement doesn’t work as well as the neutrality of the cycle.

  2. I hate when people move freely while texting/playing a game/clearly NOT paying attention and then act all shocked when they run into someone. Pay attention idiots!!!

    • Hi Daisy! I’ve actually had people stop walking down the stairs during rush hour at a subway station because they are so focused on their phone! It’s gonna be a Darwin award one of these days…

  3. My favorite of your pet peeves by far is completing the cycle. My husband’s 17 year old cousin lives with is and I swear he never puts anything back in the fridge. It don’t matter how much I bet, gripe or cry. It just won’t happen!

    • Hi Sara! Ooh I don’t envy you… Not even the concept of the cycle can stand against a 17 year old male! Maybe a cattle prod…

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