04 Nov

What We Learned – #Blogtober14 Baby!

It actually felt really weird not blogging for a couple of days after we went so hard core and blogged EVERYDAY for the #Blogtober14 challenge.  A huge thanks and a virtual bouquet for The Daily Tay and Helene in Between.  Thanks for hosting the link up – we had a great time!

What We Learned - Tulips from Above

We saw that Two Little Pigs Down Under were doing a “What We Learned” post about Blogtober, so we decided to jump onboard and do one as well.  Can you tell that we’re a little anxious about Blogtober being over and not having any more prompts??

Here’s what we learned about blogging everyday for #Blogtober14:

1.  Blogging everyday is a lot more fun and challenging than either of us thought it would be.

2.  Having a different prompt everyday is way more fun than we realized…and great inspiration.

3.  Mary writes much longer posts than me.  We wrote almost an equal number of posts, but here are the final word tallies:

Rasa:  3,721

Mary:  5,959

4.  Mr. Fox is a great editor.  Thanks to my sweet husband for being our editor, bouncing board and blog content critiquer-extroidinare.

5.  We can actually blog everyday…who knew??

6.  Everyone really likes to hear Mary rant.

What We Learned - Tulips

7.  Setting a goal to blog everyday for the month and accomplishing it is extremely satisfying for both of us.

8.  There’s an amazing community of bloggers out there sharing amazing and inspirational stories.

So, who wants Mary to rant more??  Anyone doing Blogvember or Blogcember?

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