11 Aug

Weekly Goals #1

Happy Monday!  Rasa here and in an effort to kick off the week with some #productivity, we’re starting a weekly goals post and will report back the following week on how successful/unsuccessful we were.

1.  Start a weekly goals post!  (Done and done…OK, that was a gimme.)

2.  Mary has been working herself ragged for far too long.  Her goal this week is to get in at least one nap…and get some “me” time in, but let’s start with that nap.

3.  My goal this week is to setup some sort of office space for myself.  I’ve been working at the dinner table for longer than I care to say.  Due to space restrictions, I’m not getting my own desk anytime soon, but I want to put something together some sort of system where I can have office space when I need it and dining space…well, sometimes.  Preferably, something pretty.

Weekly Goals

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