25 Aug

Velvet Underground & Weekly Goals #3

So, we went dancing – YEAH!  The Make It Bittersweet crew hit Toronto’s Velvet Underground on Saturday for some 80’s music fun at their Guilty Pleasures night.

Weekly Goals - Velvet Underground Toronto Statue

The Velvet Underground is great for those of us that are craving a night out dancing to some fun tunes.  The place is relaxed, intimate and always fun….we also made sure to follow the Velvet Underground’s strict rules.

Weekly Goals - Velvet Underground Toronto Stairs

We’re very serious about our fun here are Make It Bittersweet…and our beer.  We’re serious about that too.

Weekly Goals - Velvet Underground Toronto Beer

We both managed to complete some of our goals from last week.  Mary started to clean out her storage room and I managed to actually start cleaning out my closet – and loaded two bags full of clothing to donate!

Our goals for the upcoming week are less than exciting – we’re both planning to continue with our storage room and closet organization activities.

Weekly Goals - Velvet Underground Toronto Panic

We are also already planning our next night out for dancing!   A Duran Duran night??  We.  Are.  So.  There.

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