11 Oct

I never thought blogging would

It’s Day 10 of the #Blogtober14 Challenge with The Daily Tay and Helene in Between!  Rasa here and today’s topic isI never thought blogging would…”  

I Never Thought Blogging Would - Paint

Honestly, I never thought blogging would have me learn such a diverse set of skills.  I knew going into this that there would be writing and photography involved.  I love writing and taking taking pictures…it’s one of the reasons that I started a blog.  I never thought that blogging would lead me to developing my skills in coding and website development & social media.  I Mean, I even learned how to refinish a chair because I set a goal on this blog to create an office space for myself.

I Never Thought Blogging Would - Chair Back Before

Learning all of these new skills has been so satisfying.  My new skills in develop websites has lead me to creating a number of websites for others, be they blogs or non-blog sites (what do you call non-blog websites?  Just websites?)  I love creating websites.  It lets me blend my technical and creative skills together.

I Never Thought Blogging Would - Chair Before

Furniture refinishing though?  They was way out of the blue, but it’s insanely satisfying to take an old, nasty looking chair and turn it into something beautiful that you use everyday.  Learning how to do this has lead me to refinish our dinning room table.  That’s something I’ve been talking about for years, but never had the courage to take on.  Who knew?

I Never Thought Blogging Would - Chair After

I’m looking forward to see what everyone else “never thought blogging would…”!!

I Never Thought Blogging Would - My Desk

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