01 Oct

If I Won the Lotto…

We love a good challenge here at Make it Bittersweet, so we’re joining the #Blogtober14 Challenge with The Daily Tay and Helene in Between!  First up, Mary with that Day 1 challenge “If you won the lottery you’d”

I’ve never been much of a gambler.  However, I must admit that over the past few months while I’ve been caring for my dad as he fights off an aggressive brain cancer,  we’ve been playing the lottery and for three bucks a ticket per week, we’ve been enjoying it immensely.  Especially as we sit and imagine all of the stupendous and wondrous things we could do with ALL THAT MONEY.

Lotto Win Trees - Rainbow

My fantasies range from practical (dentist!)  to selfishly extravagant (world tour!)  to practically extravagant (apartment building where every one I love can live in luxury!) and so on..   But if I really won the lottery,  right now,  I would take my dad on a trip to the west coast of America to fulfill his dream of seeing the beautiful big trees of California!

Lotto Win Trees - Forest

We would fly to Oregon and start driving our way down south through all the Redwood National Forests, all the way down to see the Sequoia National Forest just outside of Los Angeles.  There we would take a long,  slow drive down the General’s Highway (speed limit 10 mph!) and enjoy the unbelievable sight of some of the largest trees on the planet,  including the General Sherman tree and the General Grant tree.  No trip to the Sequoia National Forest is complete without driving through the Tunnel Tree or stopping in at the forest’s museum.  We might even have a picnic at the famous Crescent Meadow,  the “gem of the Sierra” located right in the middle of the Giant’s Forest.

Lotto Win Trees - Clouds

After all that nature,  we would have to get back into the swing of city life,  so a day in Los Angeles to attend a taping of ‘The Price is Right’ would do the trick quite nicely before heading home again.

That’s my lottery fantasy!

Lotto Win Trees - Close Up

The Daily Tay

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