08 Oct

Letter to Myself in 10 Years

Day 8 of the #Blogtober14 Challenge with The Daily Tay and Helene in Between and today’s post is a “Letter To Yourself in 10 Years.”  Here’s Mary with a letter to the Mary of the future.

Dear Future Mary,

Ten years…  Well let’s see future me,  you are now 48 years old and who knows what you’re up to?  I hope you’re still alive and healthy. I hope your teeth aren’t wretched.  I hope you’ve learned lots of interesting things.  I hope you’ve been playing  the piano.. I hope you have a real one by now!  I hope that you’ve been able to spend a lot of time watching the kiddies grow up.. Let’s see Blake will be a whopping 21,  Abby will 12 and Desmond will be 10!  I hope you’re good to them.  Don’t let them slip away!

Letter to Myself - Lake

By now,  there’s probably some folks that have gone off into the mystic,  joining the heavenly choirs, eternally gallivanting through catnip meadows,  etc.  I’m not looking forward to saying those goodbyes and I hope you made it through the grief and the pain with the grace of your friends and family.  I hope you’re still meditating.  It’s nice to think of you as still going strong.

Letter to Myself - Mary and Rasa

You’re probably still a lot like me,  so there’s plots and plans and chaos and changes and business everywhere you look…  What are you working on?  Have you gone on any trips?  Seen Europe yet?  Still taking care of cats?

Letter to Myself - Mary and Jesse

Today I’m happy,  enjoying some really beautiful autumn weather and colours and just back from a trip to Michigan (remember that?) for Mike’s brother’s wedding.  I’m off to see dad today and really looking forward to it.. He’s just back home from the hospital and he sounds overjoyed.  We’re looking forward to his 66th birthday this weekend.  Who knows,  maybe you’re getting ready for his 76th now!  Okay probably not,  but maybe the world has found a cure for cancer in these past ten years.

Letter to Myself Road

As I’ve gotten older,  I’ve always felt better and better about myself so by now I bet you feel like you’re just about perfect.  Watch that ego!  Haha. No matter where you are or what you’re doing I hope you are smiling and enjoying life as much as you can.  I hope you are continuing to help the people around you and not being too worried to reach out.  I promise I’m doing my best to do all the things to make our continuing life good by the time I get there. (Yes,  I will go to the dentist… And do my taxes.)  Keep looking up,  me.  I probably named a few stars up there for us too.

Letter to Myself - Unassumed Road

I’ll leave us with one of our favorites,  future me, and hopefully we will take our own good advice…

“Let everything happen to you
Beauty and terror
Just keep going
No feeling is final”
-Rainer Maria Rilke


The Daily Tay

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