16 Oct

Fall Fashion

It’s Day 16 of the #Blogtober14 Challenge with The Daily Tay and Helene in Between!  Rasa here with today’s post, my attempt at “Fall Fashion”  

Fall in Toronto is (often) lovely with bright, crisp Autumn days and leaves turning different colours, although it’s also frequently wet, cloudy, dark and cold.   Although, I would LOVE to live somewhere where it’s warm all the time, I live here.  We have 4 very distinct seasons and you really do change the way that you dress for each of them.

Fall Fashion - Knee

Fall is great because you can wear all of the clothes that were too warm to wear in the summer (although this last summer could hardly be considered warm.)  You can also actually show the clothes that your wearing before winter comes and you’re bundled up in the parka that you always wear and the super industrial winter boots that don’t get completely killed by all of the salt.

Fall Fashion - Sitting

My fall uniform is generally  a blouse, a pair of jeans that don’t look like jeans and booties.  I love booties!  A fashion blogger, I am not, so these pictures are my sweet husband trying to get me to sit up straight and not laugh or make monster faces at the camera.  There are a lot of pictures like this one and worse:

Fall Fashion Laughing

Anyone else have a uniform for each season?  Assuming that you have seasons where you live…

The Daily Tay


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