05 Oct

Fall Bucket List

It’s Day 5 of the #Blogtober14 Challenge with The Daily Tay and Helene in Between!  Rasa here and I’m taking on today’s topic of  “Your Fall Bucket List“.

Fall Bucket List - Red Tree and Leake

I don’t think I’ve ever created a bucket list before.  Is that weird?  I’ve looked at a few fall bucket lists and it’s always things like “walk in the leaves” and “carve a pumpkin”.  Are these really bucket list worthy?  I always think of bucket lists as “things to do before you die” kinda stuff, but let’s go for it.  Welcome to my first ever bucket list!

Fall Bucket List - Red Leaves

1.  Create (and drink) a fall themed cocktail.

I love creating recipes and I’m overdue for a new drink.  I’m going to put this on the list and see what I can come up with that’s “fall themed”…something spiced?  What should be considered fall-themed in a cocktail?

2.  Find the perfect new sweater.

Why is this so hard??  OK…this is on my personal list of things that I need to do.  I’m one of those people that can’t wear wool, so I think that severely limits me in the sweater department.  It sucks, but I am still searching…I will find you.

Fall Bucket List - Trees and Lake

3.  Go to some sort of proper, dress up Hallowe’en party.

I love Hallowe’en…and I love dressing up.  The real trick here is figuring out what costume to choose.

4.  Make Mary’s Dad the perfect meatballs for his birthday.

Mary’s Dad is very ill.  I love sending him food and have been sending him different types of meatballs whenever I can….Italian, Indian.  His Birthday is coming up soon and he’s asked me to make him meatballs.  I cannot leave this off my bucket list…I will make him some damn good meatballs.

Fall Bucket List - The Red Leaf

5.  Have a drink on a patio, one last time.

I live in Toronto, Canada…It’s already fall and freezing cold here.  I am hoping for that last beautiful, Indian Summer day where I can have one last drink on a patio.  Honestly, people will wear parkas to stay on a patio around here, but not me.  One last day with nice weather…and a patio…and a drink.

Fall Bucket List - Leaves in Water

How is that for a first ever bucket list?

The Daily Tay

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