21 Oct

Dream Vacation

It’s Day 21 of the #Blogtober14 Challenge with The Daily Tay and Helene in Between!  Rasa here with today’s post, “Dream Vacation.” 

Dream Vacation - Beach A dream vacation.  Serious…what to choose?   There are so many options, I couldn’t possibly decide.  I’ve never been to Mexico City and would LOVE to see the Pyramid of the Sun.  My husband has never seen Mexico City or Oaxaca…I would love to show him both.  Then there are whole other options…The Azores, Bali, Fiji, all of Europe.  How to decide?

Dream Vacation - Ceviche for Lunch

To be honest, my dream vacation right now is actually being able to go on a vacation.  I made a choice to start working in a small business with my Husband and it’s very hard for us to get away…especially both of us.  Also, my youngest cat was recently diagnosed with diabetes and needs two insulin shots per day.  This makes it difficult to take a day trip, much less a full blown vacation.

Dream Vacation - Beach Food

Still I wouldn’t change it…well, except for my cat having diabetes.  I would totally change that if I could.  In the meantime, I will daydream about vacations and make sure that when we can finally get away, it’s for a crazy, amazing thing.  Since part of the fun for me has always been planning the vacation, I’ll continue to dream right now of the perfect trip.

Dream Vacation - On the Beach

Anyone else in the same boat?  If you are going away on vacation – have an amazing time!

The Daily Tay

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