08 Aug

What’s in my Bag – Cottage Essentials

We’re heading to the cottage this weekend, so it’s time to organize my purse with the cottage essentials.  For a classic Canadian cottage weekend, I’m using my very classic red Roots Venetian Village bag (HERE in black)…I’ve had this bag for almost a decade now and it just gets better with age.

Cottage Packing - Sunscreen

To start with, I always pack the basics – cell phone and sunscreen.  My favourite sunscreens right now are Kiehl’s Super Fluid UV Defense and Avene Haute Protection tinted compact.  Both are SPF 50 and neither break out my sensitive skin.  I pack them in a ziplock bag in case of explosion.

Cottage Packing - Paint and Sunglasses

I found this watercolour paint set at DeSerres and love bringing it to the cottage to relax and paint the scenery.  While painting is great and relaxing, my camera is also essential.  My main camera is a Nikon D3200, but my point and shoot Canon always lives in one of the front pockets on my purse for quick access.

Cottage Essentials - What's in my purse?

Also in my bag:

– Emergen-C for the required morning-after-the-night-before pick me up.

– Hair clips and elastics because who wants to bother with anything more complicated at the cottage.

– A nail file

– Sunglasses

– Gum

What do you think is essential in your cottage purse?

Cottage Packing - Full Closer



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