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17 Sep

What’s in my Makeup Bag?

Time for a new what’s in my bag!  This time, what’s in my makeup bag.  Not that this includes all of the makeup that I own (I’m afraid to reveal that bit of information), but what’s in my basic, wear-almost-everyday makeup bag.

What's in my Makeup Bag - Everything

Obviously, I love Makeup Forever face products.  Their foundation is great and not crazy expensive.  I also like that you can layer it for full coverage or keep it super light.  I actually prefer this to a tinted moisturizer because I can keep it so sheer.

What's in my Makeup Bag - Foundation and Concealer

Makeup Forever full coverage concealer is great too.  I hate concealers that fade and this one stays put.  Bonus points:  it’s waterproof.

What's in my Makeup Bag - Everything Close up

Next, the brows!  I’m a bold brow kinda girl.  I’m currently using Anastasia Brow Wiz and some MAC Brow Shader. The MAC Brow Shader was a limited edition thing from ages ago, but when it runs out, I have already planned to go back to good old MAC Brun eye shadow.

What's in my Makeup Bag - MUFE Aqua Eyes

For my daily eye shadow, I am completely in love with Makeup Forever’s Aqua Eyes in #15.  It’s the perfect shade of taupe and stays on really well without a primer.

What's in my Makeup Bag - Close up Eyes

I’ve been using MAC Blacktrack along with the super fine MAC liner brush FOREVER for my eyeliner.   There’s a reason it’s is so crazy popular.   It works.    For mascara, I admit that I cannot help but love Dior’s Diorshow Black Out Waterproof mascara.  I’ve tried to switch, but always end up going back.  LOVE.

What's in my Makeup Bag - Taupe Blush and Dior Mascara

As you can see, my blush situation is about to run out.  Obviously, I love MAC Taupe and will probably grab a new one when this one is finally finished.  Thank God it’s not limited edition.

What's in my Makeup Bag - Everything Close up

Well, that’s it for my everyday makeup items.  They’re basic, but they work.  What’s in your everyday makeup bag?  Am I missing out on something amazing?

22 Aug

What’s in My Bag? Club Essentials

In an effort to complete all of our weekly goals here at Make It Bittersweet, we’re planning to go dancing this weekend!  For me, going dancing means planning what’s going into my purse for the night…I’m all about organizing my club essentials.  It may be strange, but I love being prepared for any “emergencies” while I’m out.

Whats in My Purse Clubbing - Full Shot

This weekend, I’m planning to use my Rebecca Minkoff Mini M.A.C. (mine is Scarlet, HERE is one similar in Fuchsia.)  It’s just big enough to pack everything that you need for a night out.

Whats in My Purse Clubbing - Purse

Whats in My Purse Clubbing - Phone and Wallet

First in, my wallet and cell phone.  My wallet is actually huge, but has a cute coin pouch with a place for cards in it.  Very handy for streamlining.

I like to bring a selection of lipstick and gloss when I go out.  This is a relatively conservative three lip items…I will probably panic and throw a couple more in before I leave.  I like to have options.  I’ll also throw in my Touche Eclat, a  pressed powder compact and my Nirvana Black rollerball for touch ups.

Whats in My Purse Clubbing - Lip Stuff

My other essentials are:

– Tissues (always handy)

– Single packaged hand wipes (I hate having dirty hands and I hate it more when I can’t clean my hands)

– Gum

– An elastic band for hair emergencies

– Ear plugs (I might not use them, but I always seem to end up in the loudest places when I forget them)

Whats in My Purse Clubbing - The Useful Stuff

Ready to head out dancing!  Does anyone else find that planning for a night out is almost as much fun as the going out?   What are your club essentials?

Whats in My Purse Clubbing - Full


08 Aug

What’s in my Bag – Cottage Essentials

Cottage Essentials - What's in my purse?

We’re heading to the cottage this weekend, so it’s time to organize my purse with the cottage essentials.  For a classic Canadian cottage weekend, I’m using my very classic red Roots Venetian Village bag (HERE in black)…I’ve had this bag for almost a decade now and it just gets better with age.

Cottage Packing - Sunscreen

To start with, I always pack the basics – cell phone and sunscreen.  My favourite sunscreens right now are Kiehl’s Super Fluid UV Defense and Avene Haute Protection tinted compact.  Both are SPF 50 and neither break out my sensitive skin.  I pack them in a ziplock bag in case of explosion.

Cottage Packing - Paint and Sunglasses

I found this watercolour paint set at DeSerres and love bringing it to the cottage to relax and paint the scenery.  While painting is great and relaxing, my camera is also essential.  My main camera is a Nikon D3200, but my point and shoot Canon always lives in one of the front pockets on my purse for quick access.

Cottage Essentials - What's in my purse?

Also in my bag:

– Emergen-C for the required morning-after-the-night-before pick me up.

– Hair clips and elastics because who wants to bother with anything more complicated at the cottage.

– A nail file

– Sunglasses

– Gum

What do you think is essential in your cottage purse?

Cottage Packing - Full Closer



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