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10 Sep

Yearly Goals – September is the new January

We’re a bit behind in our goal posts here, but September fever has bit me, so I’m jumping in with a yearly goals post!  Is it just me or is September really like the start of the new year?  Maybe it’s from years of starting the new school year in September, but I really feel like September is the new January.  Goal time.

Yearly Goals - Hot Pink Rose

1.  Get a proper desk and office space.

I had an earlier goal of getting my dining-table-office-thing organized, but my office tray is just not cutting it.  I’m still using the tray, but it’s become a bit of a dumping ground.  I need a desk of my own….and shelves!  Crazy, but it’s time.

Yearly Goals - Purple Flower

2.  Wear more of my clothing.

Since I joined my husband in running our business together, I’ve been wearing less of my nice “office” clothing.  It’s time to step up my fashion game and actually start wearing that stuff again.

Yearly Goals - Pink and Yellow rose

3.  Keep more plants and flowers around.

All of the pictures of flowers in this post are from my Mom’s garden.  My mom has two green thumbs…mine are brown.  Honestly, my husband apologizes to plants if I bring them home.  I want to start keep more plants around, even if they are cut and in a vase.   I think they really add life to a space.

Time to get moving!  Yearly goals from Mary coming soon as well.

The Nectar Collective
25 Aug

Velvet Underground & Weekly Goals #3

So, we went dancing – YEAH!  The Make It Bittersweet crew hit Toronto’s Velvet Underground on Saturday for some 80’s music fun at their Guilty Pleasures night.

Weekly Goals - Velvet Underground Toronto Statue

The Velvet Underground is great for those of us that are craving a night out dancing to some fun tunes.  The place is relaxed, intimate and always fun….we also made sure to follow the Velvet Underground’s strict rules.

Weekly Goals - Velvet Underground Toronto Stairs

We’re very serious about our fun here are Make It Bittersweet…and our beer.  We’re serious about that too.

Weekly Goals - Velvet Underground Toronto Beer

We both managed to complete some of our goals from last week.  Mary started to clean out her storage room and I managed to actually start cleaning out my closet – and loaded two bags full of clothing to donate!

Our goals for the upcoming week are less than exciting – we’re both planning to continue with our storage room and closet organization activities.

Weekly Goals - Velvet Underground Toronto Panic

We are also already planning our next night out for dancing!   A Duran Duran night??  We.  Are.  So.  There.

The Nectar Collective
18 Aug

Weekly Goals #2

Weekly goal time again!  I’m happy to report back that Mary was successful in her taking of a nap…and she feels much better for it.

Weekly Goals #2 - Desk2

My goal to setup some sort of office space for myself was somewhat successful.  I did manage to get an organizational system down where my office stuff could be stowed away on a tray so that we could get our dining table back.  Still room for improvement though…and I just noticed how Hallowe’en looking it is.  Full disclosure:  I love skulls, but I should probably get a new (non-orange) candle.

Weekly Goals #2 - Desk

For the upcoming week!

1.  Mary is going to leap in and begin organizing the storage area at her place.   It’s all about small steps when taking on big projects.

2.  I’m going to go with an organizational-type goal as well and will begin cleaning out my closet in preparation for the fall season ahead.  I’ve been planning to do this all summer, so I really need to get my ass in gear and start before summer is over!

3.  Speaking of summer almost being over, I’m throwing in a goal for both of us to get out and have some fun!  Dancing is in order.  I refuse to let summer finish before we’ve had some FUN.

11 Aug

Weekly Goals #1

Happy Monday!  Rasa here and in an effort to kick off the week with some #productivity, we’re starting a weekly goals post and will report back the following week on how successful/unsuccessful we were.

1.  Start a weekly goals post!  (Done and done…OK, that was a gimme.)

2.  Mary has been working herself ragged for far too long.  Her goal this week is to get in at least one nap…and get some “me” time in, but let’s start with that nap.

3.  My goal this week is to setup some sort of office space for myself.  I’ve been working at the dinner table for longer than I care to say.  Due to space restrictions, I’m not getting my own desk anytime soon, but I want to put something together some sort of system where I can have office space when I need it and dining space…well, sometimes.  Preferably, something pretty.

Weekly Goals

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