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01 Sep

End of Summer Fun at Ribfest

It’s Labour Day long weekend here in Canada and what better way to end the summer than spending the day at Ribfest in Burlington?  Music, shopping, rides and all of the ribs and pulled pork that you can possibly eat…sounds like a fun day to us!

Ribfest - Grounds

Burlington Ribfest is the largest of the many rib festivals that are held throughout Ontario in the summer.  They take their ribs very seriously here with 20 of the best teams from across North America.   Everywhere you turn in “Ribbers Row”, someone is offering you sauce to taste and proudly displaying their various ribbing awards….oh yeah, and selling ribs.  Lots of ribs.

Ribfest - BBQ

Ribfest - Ribs

Also on the schedule?  Lots of shopping.  One cannot live on ribs alone, so in between sampling all of the delicious food, we wandered through the merchant area.  We were there with Fandangle Jewelry, so jewelry shopping was definitely on the agenda.  A girl cannot have too many sparkling things…or so we keep telling ourselves.

Ribfest - Fandangle

Ribfest - Cars

They also have lots of rides for the kids and three stages full of live music happening all day and well into the night.

Ribfest - Ferris Wheel

Ribfest - Concert

We leave here with a full belly, a bag full of goodies and lots of amazing memories!  What is everyone else doing to celebrate the last long weekend of summer?

Ribfest - Crowd

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