07 Oct

Best and Worst Vacation

Wow!  We made it to Day 7 of the #Blogtober14 Challenge with The Daily Tay and Helene in Between!  Rasa here again with today’s topic of “Best/Worst Vacation“.

Best and Worst Vacation - Xcalacoop with Bug

Best vacation?  That’s an easy one for me.  Almost 15 years ago, I eloped in the tiny town of Xcalacoop, Mexico.  Mary was there as our witness (they pulled the other one off the street) and we had an absolutely amazing time.

Best and Worst vacation - Xcalacoop

We drove across North Eastern Mexico in our little bug (they called them belly buttons there, because everyone had one) and, well, GOT MARRIED.   We had our legal wedding in Xcalacoop and then has a more personal ceremony in Chichen Itza.

Best and Worst Vacation - Chichen Itza

We drove, ate local food in tiny little towns and explored all of the ruins we could find.  It was brilliant and I’ll never forget it…and Mary made the best witness you could ever ask for.

Best and Worst Vacation - Mary in Chichen Itza

My worst vacation?  That’s more difficult.  I’ve never regretted going away on vacation, even when I haven’t had the best time.

Best and Worst Vacation - with Mr. Fox

I’d say the worst vacations are the one that I never went on.  I found some excuse as to why I couldn’t go, but with that, I totally missed out on some opportunity to learn about a culture, to explore and to get outside of this world that I normally live in.

Best and Worst Vacation - with Mary

Do you agree with me?  Have you had a vacation that you could actually consider the worst?

The Daily Tay

2 thoughts on “Best and Worst Vacation

    • I hope that you make it to Chichen Itza, Diana – it’s beautiful! I’m glad you also couldn’t think of a bad vacation. 🙂

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